Ascended Master Yoga

This site contains a small collection of practices the Masters have given to their students from 1958 to 1998 through Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and are just a small part of the large body of Teachings published by The Summit Lighthouse.

The Masters Teachings are so comprehensive that it is nearly impossible for a sincere student to grasp it all. Let alone for a new student to know what are the primary lessons and what would be a good sequence to follow. This site and the workshops that are occurring at the Washington DC Teaching Center are my attempt to build a road map for both new students and those students who are asking themselves "what do I do with all this information."

This site does not and probably will not ever have all the "yogic" practices given to us by the Masters. But it will have a bunch of them.

Why YOGA? At one point I mused that we needed a list of requests and advice given to us by the Masters about meditations, novenas, physical exercise and pranyama. But also about daily decree recommendations, dietary practices and advice about the path, the Path of the Ruby Ray, the Path of the Boddhisattva, the Path of the Ascension. These practices are meant as lifelines to those who may find themselves drowning in their own confusion. A simple practice when taken up can anchor the soul once again in the reality of its true nature. And yoga of course means literally "join". Through the Ascended Masters Teachings we are encouraged to join with our higher self (our Christ Self and I AM Presence) both while still in our bodies and also during the ritual of the ascension and to join with the Ascended Masters in their mission to save the earth as a platform for soul evolution.

This is my humble attempt to distill the Teachings I have assimilated and otherwise been exposed to over the years. By God's Grace I will touch one soul out there and provide some encouragement to others. This is a work in progress so check back as the content evolves.


Workshop Presentations

Week one: Introduction to Ascended Master Yoga

Week Two: God is Energy, Energy is Everything

Week Three: The Electronic Presence


Week Four: Heart - Love

Week Five: Surrender

Week Six: Ruby Ray Hierarchy

Week Seven: The Path of the Ascension


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